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Quick Photo Resizer 2.7

Quick Photo Resizer can resize images by just dragging and dropping
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Quick Photo Resizer is a handy and useful tool that can resize any jpeg, png, bmp, tif, gif or any image by just dragging and dropping. You don't have to choose a resolution for every image you want to resize. Quick Photo Resizer offers resize schemes that can be used to resize any number of images to the same format and layout that are: Extra Large, Large (E-mail), Medium, Small(MMS) and Thumbnail that can resize all of your photos in seconds. You can create new schemes with desired resolution, file compression, image format and a desired suffix after the processed file name (can be helpful to categorize thumbnails or large images without opening them).

One more key feature of Quick Photo Resizer is it's logo adding tool that allow you to add a watermark or logo to every image processed with Quick Photo Resizer. You can use any png, bmp, jpg, jpeg image as logo. Logo adding tool can be useful for web developers and commercial photographers who optimize a number of images and need to sort or categorize them easily or you may like to put a candle in a corner of all your birthday photos for fun.
User friendly interface, fast processing, drag/drop support and logo adding tool make this tool a must have image optimizer for quick and efficient resizing.

What's new in this release:
You can keep or remove the EXIF metadata of the image now.

jasminder singh
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  • Easy to use
  • Resize schemes for thumbnail, large or extra large images
  • Logo adding tool


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